It was particularly crucial that we understood the market in which Go+ operates, as there is a lot of competition within the space.
Who is Go+?

Go+ produces and sells a range of affordable cleaning products that are available in supermarkets and retailers throughout Santiago, Chile. Go+ successfully aims to provide products that are premium but still affordable.

We approached the design with three crucial thoughts in mind:
1 – The creative had to stand out in a sea of competition,
2 – It had to look and feel premium while being accessible and affordable and
3 – We had to help the customer be able to quickly and easily identify Go+’s products in-market.


Each cleaning product category has its own ‘key’ colour, which complements the colour of the product itself. We chose to highlight the colours of these products with clear and opaque packaging, as the product colours themselves are quite bright and demand contrast.

We also established the bubble element that is used throughout all Go+ creative.

Don Rinde character

We created the character of Don Rinde, based on the founder of Go+. The Don Rinde character is another brand element that is frequently used as a recognisable motif across a range of Go+’s promotional materials

Customisable social media content

The product range is currently being promoted by Go+ through their social media channels using customisable Canva templates designed by Pink Dog Studio.

Go+ now has a complete range of products that have a simplified design language, making each one easily identifiable while maintaining a cohesive brand look and feel. Go+ have been promoting these products via their social media channels and have enjoyed a significant uplift in sales.

Go+ and Pink Dog Studio continue to work together on social media strategy for the brand and further product development.

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