When Caleu approached Pink Dog to update their brand, they were very clear on one point: Heritage mattered.

The brand:

We took the time to have a few meetings with Caleu to really understand the company itself, what they do and what they stand for. This gave us a great start in understanding exactly who Caleu are and how they see the brand.

We began by updating the colour spectrums and palettes of their visual identity, subtly updating the tone of their signature brand ‘red’ and adding a secondary mint green colour for a striking flourish. A revamped logo was designed with simplicity in mind, respecting the heritage of the already established text-based logo.

A chevron brand element was implemented to represent product distribution. This was created with simple re-usability in mind. The chevron can be used with a capital ‘C’ as a short-form brand identifier and has been deployed throughout the office spaces in way-finding.

With this updated brand work established, we went about applying these new elements to Caleu’s office space, taking into consideration functionality, lighting and acoustics. 

Brand colours have been used to activate spaces and exposed timber has been introduced to add natural warmth to the overall space.

Large-scale cleaning products distributor, Caleu is a well known and established brand in Santiago, Chile.

Caleu are pleased with the brand updates. Since updating the brand itself, Pink Dog Studio have been working closely with Caleu to roll out the new brand with updates to the Caleu website, Social media, Uniforms and Stationary and Delivery fleet.

Caleu and Pink Dog Studio have recently finished the first stage construction, completing a new employee locker room and upgraded bathroom facilities.

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