GIPHY in a jiffy: Build brand awareness with gifs and stickers

GIPHY, they’ve been around for a decade, have a daily reach of 1.7 Billion users and serve 10+ billion pieces of content daily, yet still very few brands are effectively using it to build brand awareness. Available on all major social media platforms and messaging services, it’s a really great way to reach a large audience and even better it’s fun!

To give you a bit of an idea of the reach possible, Pink Dog Studio has been using GIPHY since late 2021 and in that time our gifs have amassed a total 6.8M views, our two most popular gifs each with over 500K views and on average our gifs get 15k+ daily views. This is a fantastic result given our minimal investment.

Here are a few ways GIPHY can help you build brand awareness.


Brand your posts and stories on the fly

With social media truly a mainstay of the marketing landscape, it’s important for brands to be able to quickly post branded content. Stickers and Gifs are a great way to bring your brand elements into your social media posts and stories in the moment, without the need to create custom design layouts.

Animated stickers of brand logos, graphical elements, taglines, hashtags and URLs can be added quickly and easily to your social media posts helping you establish a stronger brand identity across social media. Additionally these elements can be used by any brand ambassadors or social media influencers the brand may work with.

For brands who create video content gif video can also be used to create short Gif clips of your video content.

Engage with your audience

GIPHY is also a great way to encourage your audience to engage with your brand. Brands can create gifs and stickers for use by their audiences and encourage their customers to use them. This not only helps you use your customers networks to boost your brand awareness, but it also helps customers feel more connected and a part of your brand.

Brands can also create stickers in support of causes that support and reflect their brand values or commitments, allowing their audiences to get behind the cause and show their support too.

If you want to take things a step further, with GIPHY Arcade you can create and share your own basic browser games created with your brand or campaign elements.

Use them in marketing campaigns

There’s really no reason you shouldn’t be using gifs and stickers in your marketing campaigns. Campaign specific gif stickers can be used to promote your products and their features, as well as key promotion dates.

Stickers can be shared with your audience throughout the campaign to encourage your customers to become a part of the hype around your campaign.

Gifs and stickers can also be used in marketing outside of social media channels on your website, blog, email marketing campaigns or really anywhere you can load an animated gif.

At Pink Dog Studio we often use gifs and stickers in brand presentations as a way to add some visual appeal or as a way to demonstrate concepts and ideas.

Engage with new audiences

GIPHY itself is also a great way to reach new audiences and is not limited to social media, it also extends into messaging/communications services such as iMessage, Whatsapp, Skype, Signal, Telegram and even into dating apps like Tinder. This means even more exposure for your brand, particularly if your gifs start trending as they are available across all major social media channels and messaging platforms.

When used properly, it can serve as a highly impactful and profitable tool for growing your brand awareness.

The simple repetitive movement of gifs and stickers helps capture attention quickly and reinforce your brand identity. While their shareable nature means they are great for engaging audiences.

By creating gif and sticker content that is engaging and entertaining brands have the opportunity to expand their reach significantly and connect with their customers on a deeper level.

Branding Agencies
Branding and rebranding isn’t cheap, so it may seem counterintuitive that involving a branding agency can save you money. The purpose of a good branding agency is to help you improve your business and your bottom line.

At Pink Dog Studio, we can help you with your branding or rebranding needs, taking out the legwork for you and letting you focus on the other aspects of your business.

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