BlackVitamina is an artistic and creative team specialised in music production, mixing, mastering and sound design.

The competition

Established music production/mastering creative team BlackVitamina came to us to help them promote a competition where musicians can be selected to receive benefits including musical production, recording, mixing, mastering, promotional photography, distribution, advisory services, a content campaign, digital investment, and press for their next single.

The campaign

We worked with BlackVitamina creating all campaign visuals for the event, incorporating current trends like cropped photos and a collage-style video. Diversity was an important factor in the brief so we featured a diverse range of people, and musical styles. The video content of the campaign was designed to be short and engaging for social media usage, while still clearly highlighting the key competition details.

The Creative

In addition to the video and digital creative, we also put together posters and flyers that were printed and distributed.

The campaign proved highly successful in promoting the event, with over 20k views and 3000 independent musicians participating in the competition. The campaign video was especially popular, amassing the most views on BlackVitamina’s Instagram page.

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